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Window Tinting Services in Slough, Berkshire

Get your car windows professionally tinted by The Autowerks


The Autowerks only use ASWF films. ASWF films can only be fitted by authorized dealers who have been trained to provide the highest quality of installation and service levels. Each film is protected by a 21st century scratch resistant coating providing improved durability and ASWF’s comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty provides assurance and peace of mind.
Whatever the reason you are thinking about having your car windows tinted, whether it be to enhance the look of your vehicle or increase privacy, we can install the film to suit your needs.

  • Deter Smash and Grab Attacks
  • Minimize Flying Glass in Accidents
  • Protect Your Skin and Upholstery from harmful Ultraviolet Rays
  • Reduce Solar Heat and Glare
  • Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency
  • Enhance Privacy

Window Tints & The Law

Light transmission

Visual light transmission is the amount of light that passes through the film and glass. Applying window film to vehicle glass will reduce the amount of visible light transmission.

Back windows

While the back window can be tinted using any of our films, it is important to note that installing film which has a light transmission of 5% could cause problems when reversing in areas of poor lighting.

Back side windows

In areas of poor lighting, installing very dark film to back side windows can also impair vision and also reduce the view of the back seat passengers.

Front side windows

The front side windows are very important to the driver’s vision, and it is vital that under no circumstances should dark films be installed to front side windows as this will pose a serious risk to the driver and other road users. With this in mind, police authorities may fine offenders or issue endorsements.


Most vehicles have windows that have been slightly tinted during the manufacturing process.  The level of tint is usually in the 25% region, which is as much as the law allows.

Whilst we cannot install a tinted film to the front door windows we are able to fit a clear UV blocking film that will prevent damage to leather upholstery and keep the inside of the vehicle cooler during the summer months.


Maximum level of tint permissable:    


Back Window: N/A
Back Side Window: N/A
Front Side Windows: 30%
Front Windscreen: 25%


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